Our visionary project is dedicated to the growth and advancement of VET (Vocational Education and Training) students and graduates within the dynamic landscape of the European Union job market. We are committed to equipping our participants with the essential practical skills and knowledge that will enable them to stand out in the competitive world of job hunting and posting, ultimately fostering greater labor mobility and professional success throughout the EU.


  • Graphic Design and Video Production / Photography students from a VET school in Italy
  • Administration and Finance students from our school


Description Key Objectives:

  • Building a Strong Professional Identity: Participants will embark on a journey to confidently present their educational institution and their chosen profession, setting the stage for their future careers.
  • Sharing Valuable Work Experiences: Through peer learning and collaboration, students will exchange invaluable work experiences, gaining insights and inspiration from their peers' diverse journeys.
  • Creating Engaging Video CVs: Leveraging contemporary digital media, our participants will craft compelling video CVs that not only showcase their skills and experiences but also leave a lasting impression on potential employers.
  • Mastering Europass CVs and Cover Letters: Our project will provide comprehensive training in the art of constructing Europass CVs and effective cover letters, ensuring that participants have the tools they need to communicate their qualifications and enthusiasm to employers.
  • Preparing for Real-World Job Interviews: Participants will gain a unique advantage by stepping into the roles of both interviewer and interviewee. This hands-on experience will help them understand the dynamics of job interviews from both sides of the table, ultimately improving their performance in real interviews.
  • Conducting Online Job Interviews: In an era of increasing digitalization, we will prepare our participants to confidently conduct job interviews online. This critical skill will empower them to navigate the modern job market with ease and adaptability.


Project Benefits:

  • Enhanced Employability: Our project will provide VET students and graduates with the skills and knowledge they need to distinguish themselves in the job market, making them highly sought-after candidates.
  • Improved Labor Mobility: By equipping participants with the practical tools required for success within the EU, we aim to facilitate labor mobility, enabling individuals to explore new job opportunities and geographical locations with ease.  
  • Confidence and Preparedness: Participants will emerge from this program with heightened confidence and a sense of preparedness for their professional journey, with the ability to excel in interviews and job applications.


Join Us in Shaping the Future:

This project is an opportunity for VET students and graduates to take charge of their careers and make their mark in the European Union job market. We invite you to embark on this transformative journey, equipping yourself with the skills and knowledge that will set you on the path to success. Together, we can redefine career advancement in the EU and build a brighter future for all.

English Department


Education on coexitence is one of the main aims and fundamental principles in each of the stages of our education system. The legislation is supported is supportes by a list of principles, among which we can find the incllusion of all the members of the community of education and the respect towards their rights and duties, paticipation, shared responsibility ant the acknowledgement of the students' role in the buildinf of positive coexistence at school.

Therefore, all schools must guarantee the practice of diversity outreach, social and educatin inclusion, education in conflict, improvement of the climate of coexitence, eduction in values and for peace, etc.

Here at IES Alonso de Avellaneda we have detected cases of solation of some students. Therefore, the purpose of this project is the promotion of help between equals for the improvement of the climate of coexistence. Moreover, we have the best human resource to contribute to this project: the students themselves. We propose the creation of a network of student assistants, who can avoid cases of isolation and of harassment through observation and intervention.


  • Encourage the active participation of classmates in the process of inclusion of students with social needs, and in promoting peer support techniques.
  • Foster the inclusion of students with disabilities or at risk of social exclusion with disabilities, people socially isolated due to emotional difficulties (shyness, depression…), behavioral problems (aggressive…), disabilities or victims of bullying, people with traits of autism spectrum.
  • Improve coexistence in the school, prevent conflicts and reduce cases of abuse and harassment.
  • Create channels of communication between teachers and students.
  • Come up with ideas to improve coexistence in the school.

Orientation and Community Services


The project has two aims:

The first one is to improve the citizens’ knowledge of finance in order to make the best decisions when managing personal and professional finances.

The second aim is for the students studying a degree in Business Managment ( - ) to broaden, put into practice and explain the finance content learned during the school year. This would enable them to consolidate the adquired knowledge.

Student motivation will be fostered in two ways. On the one hand, the contents seen in class with be contextualized within daily life situations. On the other hand, the acquired knowledge will be transferred to the social context of the school by having the students teach private lessons to the community by using the contents seen previously in class. 

Contributing to the principles of Ambassador Schools of the European Union, the project puts into practice one of the Sustainable

Development Goals: Decent Work and Economic Growth. One of the targets of this goal is to “Strengthen the capacity of domestic financial institutions to encourage and expand access to banking, insurance and financial services for all” (SDG Indicators — SDG Indicators, n.d.).

Administration and finance


The project consist in twinning two VET schools specialized in International Trade

The aim of the project is develop a project of the International Marketing module during the whole course with French students of the Lycée Philippine Duchesne.

In order to do so, two VET schools, one in France and another in Spain, participate in the Project through the organization of an event that favors exchange.

In February 2024 the students of the school made a mobility to the French school to work together. In May 2024 the visit of teachers and management from the French school to our school.

Movilidad Grenoble Feb-24.jpeg

International Marketing International Trade


It consists of an interdepartmental project between the cycles of electricity, information technology and community services

The aim of the project is the creation of an intelligent greenhouse connected to the IOT.

This project will last two school years.

During the first school year an urban garden will be cultivated at IES Alonso de Avellaneda along with a small prototype of the greenhouse. By the end of the first school year, the possibility of starting a larger intelligent greenhouse over the urban garden will be evaluated.

The main aim is to carry out a wide variety of guided activities that will enable students from both countries to actively participate. These activities will enhance the students’ oral, written, researching and creativity skills.

Electricity and Electronics, IT and Community Services


Maybe the idea of an urban garden is something that is thought to be from the past, which is true, or even a trendy methodology, which is also true. However, this goes beyond that. Ecological awareness and observation and respect for the natural world comes from a real environmental need. Therefore, the use of an urban garden can lead us towards multiple learning and personal and professional development oportunities that must be taken advantage of.

This project has been set out based on the traditional use of urban garden for the cultivation of vegetables as an educational resource. Therefore, activities and iniciatives related to personal and social competences in Vocational Education Training are developed through its use as an educational


Moreover, this projet is closely related to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Sociocultural and electronic services


It consists of connecting two or more VET schools in different countries with educational offer on International Trade or similar. The schools will preferably be from a European country.

A responsible teacher and manager of the project will be assigned at each VET school.

Students, in groups and during the first course, will develop a business idea by creating a company with visibility on the Internet.

During the second year, the students will contact one of the companies created by the students of the VET school in the other country. They will have to go through all the stages that this first international contact implies and continue until the negotiation takes place closing the commercial operation.

Trade and Marketing

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