Dear Sir/Madam:

The Spanish vocational education system includes an internship in a real company that lasts around three months. Most of the students complete this time period in Spanish companies, but the best and most qualified students have the opportunity to carry out their job training in a European company.

For the past ten years we have worked with European programs such as Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci, Comenius, Erasmus+, etc. Sending trainees to different European partners in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Finland, Lithuania, etc.

The students are highly valued by European companies because they are able to start working from day one, due in large part to their education being based on more practical work instead of theory.

We can guarantee the quality of our students, which has been appreciated by European companies who, every year, receive one or more trainees that help them during the traineeship period.

The available Erasmus+ trainees have to pass a very demanding selection process based on their academic record, interviews and foreign language exams. This process allows us to award the Erasmus+ grants to the finest students.

There are not wages for the trainees. The insurance, accommodation, travelling and so on are managed by the trainee and the school. The main task for the company is to prepare a workload for the trainee and designate a coordinator (called tutor in Erasmus + terminology) who will check their daily work.

The ordinary time frame for the traineeships is from mid-March to mid-June of every academic course. The internships last around 370 hours.

We would be more than happy to send you the contact details of some of the European companies in the United Kingdom or Ireland that we have collaborated with in case you want to ask them about our students and traineeships.

To conclude, we can honestly say it has been a rewarding experience for both the trainees and the companies that have received them. In fact, some of the companies have continued to receive trainees following a successful first year.



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